Boss, Pala and Arif

Somehow I am quite tired to feel being outcasted and abandoned. But I get used to it. People won't ever understand and judging, though. All I need to do is just keep being happy as much as I can do and I can be. So, now I start writing about my life. This is one of the way how I can be happy.

This writing is based on true story of my life. The initial trigger is a sudden moment, when I really realize and feel like I am such a combination or a fusion of Boss and Pala (of Hormones 3). Nadao Bangkok College's students who are ambitious, optimistic, outcasted, abandoned, and moreover a Poz. Just because characters of these two guys are really close with my character, so I decided to share it.

Boss + Pala = Arif

Let's start with knowing a bit about Boss and Pala.

Who is Boss?

  • Name: Prach Athprajak 
  • Nickname: Boss 
  • Born: March 19th 1998 
  • Zodiac: Pisces 
  • Blood Type: A 
  • Student ID: 54193 
  • Class: M.5/5 
  • Cast by Sarit Trilertvichien (Pea)

Who is Pala?

  • Name: Pala Suthipornrudee 
  • Born: January 18th 1998 
  • Zodiac: Capricorn 
  • Blood Type: AB 
  • Student ID: 54191 
  • Class: M.5/6 
  • Cast by Wongravee Nateetorn (Sky)

To know more about them, you can watch Hormones The Series 3, of course.

Who is Arif?

I am exactly just like both of them. Their traits, characters, and what happened to them, if you are really interested to know.

  • Name: Arif Rahman Hakim
  • Nicknames : Jeffrey. Son of Mountain (Anak Gunung), Twelvy, A-poy, Wooram | it's hilarious to so many nicknames, though. But I love it~!
  • Born: April 18th 1989
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Blood Type: A
  • Student ID: 1401130212 (Bachelor Degree) / 2001847912 (Master Degree)
  • Class of 2010 (Bachelor Degree) and 2018 (Master Degree) 

Childhood Life, High School Life & Current Life

When I was kid, when I lived in Banjarmasin, in my grandparent's house. I was also pretty close with my deceased grandma. The strange same thing I have in common with Pala about grandma that I also like to eat my grandma's cook, but she didn't like to cook. I often buy outside to eat, or my grandma buy foods outside for me. If she cooked in any day, it means that day she's in a good mood. I really miss her so much. I really hope I can see her again in hereafter.

I always feel happy when I'm praying and also fasting. My mom and dad practice me since I was a child. That's why I cannot live without fasting whole my life until today. I really love to see how they smile and talk to their patients in my parent's clinic. My mom is a midwife, and my dad is a male nurse. I learn a lot about kindness from them. I really love them, and I know they love me, too.

Just like Boss, I also ride a bike to school, it's because of I really like when the wind hit my face, I feel fresh and airy, as well. And yes, I do agree with the fact that doing exercise can release endorphins. Since I was in elementary school, I really love to speak English in my daily life, although I did just often speak alone to myself or just mumbling. Because at that time I realized that people wouldn't understand what I was talking. And when I was in junior high school until senior high school, English subject was my most favorite subject. Just like Boss and Pala, I also have a big interest in languages. I will tell you more about the story how I love English and other languages in other post, hopefully.

I don't really like Math, because I'm not good at it. But I've chosen Science program when I was in high school, and I've chosen Computer Science program when I was in college, so I have to study it.

Talking about close friends. Just like what happened to Boss. I think that I also don't have many close friends. Since I was kid, even toddler, I only have one or two friends that really close. One of them is Mey. When I was in elementary school, I think I only have one close friend. His name is Agus, it was just because we sat in the same table in class. As I was in junior high, I only have two close friends. One of them is Andri. That also happened when I was in senior high school. I only have four close friends, it was because we were in the same band and also we spent a lot of time on activities of student council. I considered, probably, the closest is only two of them, because we shared so many high school life problems together. And they are very funny, especially when they are teasing each others. That makes me happy, somehow. Even until today, I consider that I only have one close friend.

Just because I don't have many close friends, So, not many people see my other personality. Therefore, they say that I am a stressed guy. But I think I am not exactly like that. I mean, yeah, I confess that I often experience couple stressful and depressed situations, and I also ever have a major depression in life, but I always believe that I can handle it well, at the end, with a maximum effort. I'm just serious in doing anything, although sometimes, my over-seriousness becomes a failure. But I consider it as a life lesson. I have a close friend who knows my seriousness. I also consider him as my big brother, although I know I'm older than him. The reason why I can get along with him, maybe it because he can understand me, and I can straightforward talk with him. I'm also not a talkative person, but he is unlike me. This may be the reason why we are close friends.

Talking about sport at school. Just like Pala, I also seldom play any sports, and yes, I just follow what teacher's teach. I prefer doing sports outside school hours, I only like swimming and riding bicycle a lot.

What do I like to do in my free-time?

Same as Boss, I do like browsing the Internet, search for random things to read and watch, I also like listening, reading, and writing more than speaking. I like to listen others' opinions on podcast or radio. I also do believe that human's opinion make us different, and become a community. That is the reason why human beings are interesting and frightening in the same time.

Beside of that, I prefer spending free-time in the gym, doing my workout routine, sometimes talking with personal trainers I know, or just siting on the chair, again, browsing the Internet.

Being a Poz

I was diagnosed to have HIV and became a Poz or PLHIV (People living with HIV) or ODHA (Orang Dengan HIV/AIDS), since September 29th 2015. I got tested in Ruang Carlo, St. Carolus hospital, Central Jakarta. At that time, my CD4 level is on 395. I started my Antiretroviral therapy (ART) since October 1st, 2015, and I keep taking the antiretroviral / ARV meds until today, every 10PM on the evening, before bed, for the rest of my life. I always consider the ARV meds as a powerful daily vitamin intake, so that I'm not ever worried about the effects. I need to keep consume and taking the meds, so that I can always be healthy, live longer, and be able to do my activities as usual.

Being a Poz is not as easy as you think, buddy. I through so many lows and highs, physically and mentally. Able to survive until today (when I am writing this blog), is a major bless for me.

Since the first day being a Poz, I never hide my real health status to anyone. If there is anyone eagerly ask me about it, I always tell it openly and straightforwardly.

So, that's a bit story of my life, in brief. Probably I will still revise this post. Once I remember what I need to add and what I need to share on this brief post, and of course, I will definitively write another story of my life on other posts, based on this brief. Thank you very much for your kindness to read. Have a nice day and keep being healthy!


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