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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

하리 귀요미 송 (남자 버전) | Gwiyomi Song (Male Version) Cover [AUDIO ONLY]

  • December 11, 2018
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Watch my Gwiyomi player video with hand gestures here : http://youtu.be/0cxrPJUfPuo

This is my singing cover for Hari's Cutie Song / 하리 귀요미 송 / Gwiyomi Song / Kiyomi song in male version. I know this is like nothing special, audio and my voice only, and no gwiyomi play. Hope this singing cover is still quite impressive without a gwiyomi play.

Ah~ one more thing, I don't try to show you guys that I am good-looking or cute here.. haha~ I just sing, not to show off my failed cuteness. lol. Also, I never have a thought to imitate Korean, I just do a singing cover in my version and my voice, and do what I love, singing and learning language. Also, I'm very sorry if my photos which are shown on this video (for some people, probably) are disgusting or irritating eyes XD peace!! ^^

Download this cover song on SoundCloud :

Voice, Recording, and Editing : myself
Music Instrumental : Hari's album
Male version lyrics : Ilhoon (정일훈 of BTOB).

Check the original song here :

Hari's version : youtu.be/futF_r0wEVw
Ilhoon's male version : youtu.be/vmByrwq0kDk

Thank you very much for listening. Feel free to click LIKE!! ^^


LYRICS with Romanization :

아메리카노 한 잔 시켜놓고
Amerikano han-jan si-kkyeo noh-go
달콤한 초코 머핀을 기다려요
dal-kkom-han cho-ko meo-pin-eul gi-da-ryeo-yo
여버 하고 나 하고 꼭 마저 앉았어
yeo-bo ha-go na ha-go kkog ma-jeo an-ja-seo
서로 손바닥 위해, 예쁜 낙서를 하죠
seoro sonbadak wi hae yeppeun nakseoreul hajyo

걱정 하지마 누가 뭐래도 니꺼, 니꺼
geogjeong hajima nuga mwolaedo nikkeo
다른 여자랑 피겨도 안돼 넌 내꺼, 넌 내꺼
dareun yeojarang pigyeodo andwae neon naekkeo
새끼 손가락 걸고 꼭 약속해 줄게
saekki son-garag geolgo kkog yagsoghae julge
절대 너 혼자 내버려 두지 않기로
jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro

일 더하기 일은 귀요미
il do-ha-gi il-eun gi-yo-mi
이 더하기 이도 귀요미
i do-ha-gi i-do gi-yo-mi
삼 더하기 삼은 귀요미
sam do-ha-gi sam-eun gi-yo-mi
귀요미 귀요미
gi-yo-mi gi-yo-mi
사 더하기 사도 귀요미
sa do-ha-gi sa-do gi-yo-mi
오 더하기 오도 귀요미
o do-ha-gi o-do gi gi-yo-mi
육 더하기 육은 츄츄츄츄츄츄
yuk do-ha-gi yuk-eun cup cup cup cup
난 귀요미!
nan gwi-yo-mi!

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